Avalanche Safety

Avalanches are scary and as an “normal” skier, we don’t know much about them: not what triggers them, not how to behave in the case of, let alone what protective measure we should take beforehand.

That’s why we are so happy that Ich liebe Berge, has agreed to speak at our next Health & Safety Day on March 11, 2017. We attended one of their avalanche information evenings held (in German) at the Transa store in Zürich and it was incredibly informative. The death toll through avalanches during the winter 2014/2015 were 33 victims, a particularly high number. Checking out the “Ich Liebe Berge website is really worthwhile … if you speak German. With the poor decisions of skiers or alpinists being a high risk factor, much of the preparation involves “helping people make informed choices to prevent fatalities.”

This English article is hence very much in line with what we learnt.