Luitgard Holzleg MD


Luitgard graduated as a medical doctor from the Faculty of Medicine of Mainz University, Germany. She worked in paediatrics, surgery, anaesthesiology and general practice before founding HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME in 2006.

Luitgard loves travelling and experiencing different cultures and apart from having worked in Germany and the United Kingdom, volunteered in India and worked in South Africa.

Her company HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME is dedicated to providing highest quality first aid training and health awareness and education programmes to the international community in Switzerland. As a first aid, CPR and AED instructor, she is accredited by Swiss, British and American authorities.

Luitgard has been researching, writing and talking about ticks since the returned to Switzerland in 2005. She’s “passionate” about these little beasts, passionate as in wanting to provide the public with correct information; other than that, she is not a big fan of ticks, either.

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