Mindful Living – The Art of Optimum Health and Wellbeing

Mindfulness is an integrative, mind-body approach to life that helps people relate effectively to their experience.

It involves paying attention to our own subjective thoughts, feelings and body sensations, in a way that can increase awareness, help us manage difficult experience and increase space to make wise choices.

Recently this approach entered into the mainstream culture. A “Google” search on “mindfulness” results in millions of hits, and mindfulness based therapies are growing in popularity, with teachers and programs all around the globe.

In this practical and experiential presentation you will

  • Learn about mindfulness and its scientifically benefits for physical and emotional health
  • Get to know the latest discoveries and knowledge about the human brain and mind from the fields of neuroscience and modern psychology.
  • Experience simple practices that can be easily applied in your everyday life, when you feel stressed or overwhelmed

Your life is something to be valued. Take time to focus on yourself, your needs and your wellbeing.