Self-Defence Wisdom: Empowerment through Self- confidence, Health and Spirituality

Do you feel lack of self confidence?

Do you find yourself in situations where you would like to say “No, stop!” but somehow you weren’t able to find your voice, the strength to actually say it?

Do you doubt yourself to make things happen, some unconscious fears that prevent you showing up fully and express your needs?

Would you like to show up in your full strength, making clear decisions and taking actions on it?

you will learn:

  • what the Swiss Pallas association is about
  • how you can recognize situations in your daily life, what health and violence prevention is about.
  • what it takes to be self-confident, self-determined, feeling strength and security.
  • how to be in the moment reflecting your body awareness and your soul, the qualities needed in order to get the respect for yourself, as a human being and as a woman.Diana will show some:effektiv tools to boost yourself-confidence self-defense techniques
    breathing and vocal toolsShe will interactively address how to be in the moment and allow yourself to experience different kind of possibilities of self-defense and heart desire. With the tools that nurture confidence you can make the first step toward overcoming your fears and self-doubts. Have the courage to be imperfect, to be kind to yourself and be heard!

At the end of the workshop you will have gained a valuable insight into the beauty of breaking free.
Choose the way that feels comfortable to you and makes you progress safely and ask for help if you need.