Tantric Massages – For Pleasure and Sexual Wellbeing

We seem to live in a free world when it comes to sexuality: Sex has the power to sell almost any product, we can arrange erotic encounters simply using our smart phones,  and the media is full of articles regarding sex and intimacy.

As open and evolved as our society appears to be with regard to the topic of  “sex”, the fact is that sexual education is still in its infancy since it is not an integral part of our personal development. This lack of awareness and  knowledge can eventually have a detrimental impact on our physical/sexual health and consequently on our  intimate relationships.

Tantric education offers a new approach to help us develop a life of sexual well-being and satisfaction. In this lecture Didi Liebold will show how this ancient practice of awareness-oriented body, mind, and spiritual work connects us to ourselves and others. He will address potential health issues that may arise within our pelvic and genital areas when we neglect our sexual health. We will also learn specialized techniques and receive top advice on how to pleasure our bodies.