Stress relief at your fingertips!

Do you have the feeling of being stuck in a hamster wheel?

Are you finding yourself swamped by to-do’s, dead lines and promises that you can’t ever seem to be able to keep? Does it feel that you are being pulled in all directions, but what you secretly wish for is to have some precious “alone-time” to catch your breath?  Are you frustrated that there never seem to be time to take care of your health, your relationships or your dreams?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a simple technique that can help you reduce the stress in your body and mind within minutes?

Is that even possible?

Tapping, also known as EFT, is a powerful tool for improving your life on multiple levels; mental, emotional and physical. It has been proven to quickly and effectively address a range of issues – from anxiety, chronic pain, addiction and fear, to weight loss control, financial abundance, stress relief and more.

We will cover the following points:-

  • The history and science of tapping, and how it actually works
  • How you can use tapping in your daily life to reduce physical pain, food cravings, emotional stress, and get rid of fears and phobias.
  • A worksheet that helps you find the issues you need to tap on

By the end of the course you will have a brand new tool in your emotional First Aid kit, ready to be put to use immediately. You will have gained insight in how the stress response works, and how you can help yourself to calm down during or after a stressful event.