Tick Season Ahead

Every spring, or sometimes even earlier, they are upon us, these tiny, litte, and for most us disgusting creatures: ticks.

Ticks are spider-like parasites who live on blood. And they need plenty of it, sucking it from their hosts, similar to mosquitoes, just a lot more. They are carriers, vectors, for a number of diseases, some of which can also be transmitted to humans.

The internet as a common source of information offers a lot of misinformation about ticks. This presentation will answer your most imminent questions about ticks:

  • the diseases they can transmit and why they are dangerous
  • when and where the risk is particularly high
  • how high the risk is in Switzerland
  • how you can protect yourself

Be prepared for some “interesting” photos and other media footage.

You will have the opportunity to ask Luitgard further questions about ticks after the presentation and throughout the day.