About Health & Safety Day

Luitgard Holzleg (Healthy And Safe Away From Home), Gundula Rey-Mermet (ergolino), Maria B. Pernett-Hanan (YUM YUM), Judit Józsa (FamilySafety), Marlies Hazelaar-van Schaik (Weight-life Balance and Free-From Supermarket)

What is Health & Safety Day?

Health & Safety Day is an annual event, the next one on March 11, 2017, to promote health and safety. An day entirely dedicated to Health, Nutrition, “My Energy” and Safety. Our speakers are all experts in their fields and offer a wealth of information on various topics including nutrition, energy, safety, mental and physical health.

The goal is to help improve your life and/or that of your loved ones by acquiring valuable information that you can apply on a day-to-day basis.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower our community through lectures and workshops that focus on safety issues and the well being of mind, body, and spirit.

Learn about our founders:

We are a team of professional women in the areas of health, safety and nutrition. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise and make this information available to everyone.

Healthy And Safe Away From Home

As a medical doctor, Luitgard learnt how to save a life. And she has seen what a difference a bystander, who is not only willing to but actually knows how to help, can make.

It was a teacher at her children’s Kindergarten, who asked her to train the team in basic first aid, and thus pointing Luitgard into the direction she has become so passionate about: teaching people to “Be aware. And prepared” and empowering them to be safe, confident and capable first aiders in a medical emergency. Everyone should know how to save a life!
Over the past 17 years, Luitgard has trained more than 7000 people in first aid, including parents, childcare providers and teachers, and workplace first aiders.
In keeping with her mantra to “Be aware. And prepared”, Luitgard also offers public and corporate programmes to raise awareness for health topics such as heart attack and stroke, CPR, diabetes, epilepsy and her annual Tick Season Ahead presentation.



FamilySafety GmbH is a family business. With the establishment of FamilySafety, we share our knowledge and experiences about the latest available safety solutions, and we give it an extra boost with our devoted enthusiasm and commitment.

As native Hungarians and studied economists we have been living in Switzerland for 4 years. For more than 15 years we worked in management positions for international companies. As parents of two young children we know exactly how important safety is in our everyday life. This inspired us to start our business in 2013, taking on the challenge of what a new country, culture and language can offer.

Our familsafety.ch website has been put together to allow easy access to information and news about common everyday risks and tips how to prevent them. Our online-shop provides you with a great selection of the latest, stylish and unique products of high quality.



Yum Yum, GmbH was founded in 2012. They are the only provider in Switzerland producing fresh homemade baby and toddler foods. Babies do not have a voice so Yum Yum’s mission is to raise parental awareness on the important subject of nutrition and homemade foods. Commercial jars and pouches may emphasize “organic” but disregard the importance of how the food is actually prepared. Parents need to understand that valuable nutrients and flavors are destroyed during the high heat processing used to give these foods their unrefrigerated shelf life of up to 2 years. They also contain preservatives and fillers that babies do not need,

Being a parent is the hardest and most important job in the world. Yum Yum was created so parents can provide their little ones with the wonderful advantages of homemade cooking when they are unable to prepare it themselves. Their meals are prepared fresh every week, flash frozen, and delivered all over Switzerland.


Weight-life Balance

I help people find greater energy, be in better shape, and have a sharper mind thanks to ‘clean eating’ principles and smart food choices…

Some 6 years ago, and after enjoying dramatic results first-hand, Marlies Hazelaar-van Schaik left her corporate marketing job to pursue a new passion. Her mission was simple: She wanted to become a certified and independent nutritionist and share her experience, knowledge, and insights with people seeking better health.

Today, she is living her dream. Having founded her private business, weight-life balance, she has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them achieve their health goals, and supporting them every step of the way. Thanks to her expert nutritional advice, tasty recipes, and her easy-to-implement lifestyle changes, you’ll easily reach your weight-loss goals, enjoy improved digestion, rid yourself of chronic health complaints, and seamless adopt wholesome clean nutrition as part of your everyday life.

In 2015, Marlies will be launching a series of online courses to meet increased demand from her broad international audience. She loves cooking, reading (especially cookbooks), and skiing, as well as running, working and spending time with family and friends.