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Why do you need a fire blanket?

Most house fires start in the kitchen, and most fires in the kitchen are caused by either a lack of concentration or because the person was interrupted by an unexpected occurrence. This could be something simple such as the telephone ringing, a caller at the door or maybe one of...

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Life jacket – what should I use?

Have you already started planning the summer holidays? A cruise, a boat travel or a beach holiday? Do not forget to take your life jacket with you! The lifejackets can save lives! Most drownings occur way out at sea, right? Wrong! Fact is, 9 out of 10 drownings occur in...

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Organ Donation in Switzerland

Organ donation has been and still is a "touchy" topic. Living in a foreign country, not knowing the local legal situation or not understanding the language of our host country adds to the hesitation to become an organ donor. Our post explains the situation and ways to become an organ donor in Switzerland.

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