Improve Your Brain Health

Has it been one of those days for you? Tired, exhausted, lost your train of thought during this very interesting discussion … again, you feel down, maybe even somewhat depressed?

Our brain is a highly complex organ connecting itself as an organ to EVERYTHING in our body. There is not a single action in our body the brain has no influence on. That’s one big responsibility. We tend to forget how much our brain is influenced by what we do every day. The food we eat, the stress we feel, the sleep we lack, what we read and what we see and hear, even our friends, everything has an influence on our brain. Just reading all the bad news every day, not once but several times daily, on a news page, on Twitter, in our Facebook feed, it can and will wear us down.

But once we understand how our lifestyle has an impact on our brain and thus on how we feel, it is clear that only changes to better choices will help us get better and feel better. And help our brain to be active and well functioning for many years to go.

Read this short but great INTRODUCTORY POST by Anthony Hannan from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. You will notice that a lot of things that are good for your body overall, are also good for your brain. What we like the most? The link to a healthy “brain diet” links to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, published by the Australian Health and Medical Research Council, a reliable source for information.