karin andersson hagelin

Karin Andersson Hagelin

Karin Andersson Hagelin, Hagelin Grief Recovery, is a trained EFT Tapping Practitioner, Grief Recovery Coach and Reiki Master. She has journeyed from Hotel Management in Switzerland and Sweden to investment banking in Zürich, Switzerland.

After losing her daughter to a genetic disease in 2006, Karin has chosen to make it her profession to help individuals from all over the world heal their grief and let go of old emotional issues that keep them from living their true purpose.

For years now, Karin has been successfully helping people around the globe to successfully let go of grief, stress and overwhelm. Her talent in supporting individuals regain their emotional balance has been recognised by a number of organisations and the corporate world. She has spoken in one of the largest hospitals in Zurich (Triemli Maternité), the IT Women Network at UBS in Zürich, Curious Courses Day 2014 in Zürich, and OWIT Lake Geneva in Lausanne.

To find out more about her work please visit her webpage.