Life jacket – what should I use?

Have you already started planning the summer holidays? A cruise, a boat travel or a beach holiday? Do not forget to take your life jacket with you! The lifejackets can save lives!

Most drownings occur way out at sea, right? Wrong! Fact is, 9 out of 10 drownings occur in inland waters, most within a few feet of safety. Most of the victims owned life jackets, but they died without them.

Life jackets are not babysitters. Even though a child wears a life vest when on or near the water, an adult should always be there, too. Parents should remember that inflatable toys and rafts should not be used in place of life vests.


A good buoyancy aid rated to 50Newton class will support a person over 25 kg with a good freeboard but will still require the wearer to be a good swimmer as it will not turn you over into the safe back position. This category contains all–purpose, specialist buoyancy aids and floatation clothing. These are popular products because they have a perfect balance between function, freedom of movement and security.

If you require more buoyancy or are a non-swimmer you should look at the 100Newton lifejacket selection and these are available in sizes to suit persons from 3 kg to over 100Kg.



50 Newton Class / EN 393 / EN ISO 12402-5: Buoyancy aids and floatation clothing that hold a person afloat with a greater safety margin. Must be used by swimmers only as they do not help you onto a safe back position in the water. For persons 25kg and over.

100 Newton Class / EN 395 / EN ISO 12402-4: Inherent foam lifejackets with the buoyancy concentrated to the front and collar to help a person turn over onto the safe back position. Suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers.

150 Newton Class / EN 396 / EN ISO 12402-3: Inflatable lifejackets with good turning capacity when inflated. Can be inflated manually or automatically. For persons 40 kg and over.

275 Newton Class: Inflatable lifejackets with extremely good turning capacity. For industrial use only. Manual or Automatic inflation. For persons 40 kg and over.

Baltic Sailor Rettungsweste_Life Jackets


It is more important that a lifejacket should be selected for fit and comfort and not to be able to ride up rather than the weight category indicated on the label. For children this is especially true and the lifejacket should never be purchased to “grow into”.

You can find buoyancy aids and lifejackets on our partner’s website: Water Safety at FamilySafety