Methods To Help Clear Energy Blockage

In our last blog of “My Personal Energy” we talked about physical clutter.  How it can create chaos, block revitalising energy from entering our lives, and leave us feeling confused and even helpless. Physical clutter will hold us back and hinder our attempts at performing top notch and reaching our goals. If you missed this blog on space clearing you can quickly refer to it by clicking on this link.  For those of you who were able to tackle your physical clutter and get more organised please read on to learn about how to clear our personal energy and emotional clutter.

What is an energy block?

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. All matter is only as soft or hard as the vibrations of the atoms that form it.  To help clear emotional blockage we first need to see ourselves as what we are ….. energy!  Our bodies are pure energy and as soon as we consider ourselves, all matter, and living beings as energy then the task of energy clearance becomes much easier and straight forward.

An energy block means something is disturbing our energy field (aura) making us and our environment unstable, difficult to live in, and unable to progress in our goals.

How do energy blocks manifest?

The main symptoms are lack of creativity (i.e., writer’s block), tension in the body, sleep disturbances, fear, anxiety, inability to focus, depression, and burn out. Severe blockages can be life threatening so this is a very serious matter.

Energy blocks often originate from unresolved emotions, issues, and past trauma. Negative energies such as regret, anger, frustration, anxiety, envy, sadness, and fear not only block our energy but also deplete it making us feel lethargic, unmotivated, and useless at times.  Emotional and mental clutter do not disappear on their own. They must be dealt with in order to clear our energy field and be able to move forward.

Dealing with blockages:

1.) Accept that you have a blockage(s) and wish to remove it.

2.) Take care of YOU. Make YOU your #1 priority. Take care of your body because it is your main vehicle in this life.  You can try to do all the clearing and unblocking you want but if you are making yourself unhealthy by eating the wrong foods, numbing yourself with alcohol and drugs, and living a sedentary lifestyle then you will remain stuck where you are and blocked. Your body needs to be whole and healthy. Eat right. Try to get adequate sleep every night. Try to find a few minutes of your day to exercise a bit even if it is something simple like going for a brisk walk in the fresh air.  Sleep, nutrition, and exercise are most important for our body and mind to be able to function at an optimal level.  We cannot thrive when these three factors are non-existent or out of balance.

3.) Dig deep to uncover and assess where the blockages are coming from.  Make a list of anything that is bothering you on a piece of paper. Sit in silence, close your eyes and breath. If you feel anything negative try to focus on the origin of this emotion and write it down as soon you have the answer. Continue with this process until you have feel that you have uncovered and written down the issues  that are troubling you deep down.  This process alone will already make you feel lighter and more at peace.

4.) Categorise your issues into groups based on how you intend to process them. Group them into categories such as:

  • I can let this go right now
  • I can change my opinion/attitude and deal with it
  • I can make amends
  • I need assistance from a professional (Health professional such as a certified therapist, psychologist, EFT, Reiki, Energy Healer, etc).

5.) Make a plan to resolve the issues causing your blockages (how, who, when).

6.) Avoid future blockages by becoming aware of your environment and emotions. If

  • your home or office desk begins to fill up with clutter and become chaotic then
  • that may be a sign to assess what is happening inside of you. Nip it in the bud
  • before it turns into something bigger and gets out of control. Keep a journal.

7.) Remind yourself that all problems have solutions. You will be OKAY.

No energy exists in isolation. Any steps you take to clear your energy blocks will have a huge impact on all areas of your life. YOU get to decide what fills your head and shapes your thoughts. Only you can clear the distractions and focus instead on what matters most to you.  This will not be easy but you will you will feel lighter and energised after each release.

Good luck and enjoy the flow!