Emergency Medical Assistance by Air – Rega

A look behind the scene of Switzerland’s best known non-profit air rescue service

Since the late 1950ies, Rega has rescued people in distress in the mountains by helicopter and since 1960 transports seriously ill or injured people back to Switzerland from abroad by air.

Rega owns state-of-the-art operating resources, including helicopters and air-ambulances. They employ highly qualified and experienced medical professional staff to ensure patients are given the best medical care during rescue or transportation.

But how exactly does such a rescue or transportation work? What kind of rescues does Rega perform? How did it start? One of Rega’s medical flight nurses will take us back to the early days of the foundation, and explain how helicopter rescue and international medical evacuation work. Learn about the operational background of the rescue missions and set-up of the bases, aircrafts and staff of this amazing organisation.

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about the Rega.